Garnier-Thiebaut, Tuileries d'Or Tablecloth, 68" x 68", High Thread Count

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Tuileries d'Or Tablecloth.  The "Tuileries" d'Or (Gold) pattern is the quintessential luxury table linen pattern.  

Inspired by the decorative elements of neighborhood gates and balconies of wrought iron adjacent to the Tuileries Gardens in Paris, this linen blends cotton with gold threads, bringing a luxurious sparkle to the cloth making it ideal for holiday or special celebrations.  

It's design typifies the finest in French detail, with a higher number of threads per centimeter.  

The fineness of the pattern is achieved through it's high thread count which lends an extra special luxurious feel to the fabric and highlights the woven design.

Every item (except napkins) in this collection is made from 100% cotton with Green Sweet stain-resistant technology for easy care, so spilled liquids can easily be wiped off.

Tablecloths come in complementary Garnier-Thiebaut Gift Box.



  • 100% Damask Cotton - Machine Washable
  • High Thread Count
  • Green Sweet (Stain Resistant) Treated (except for napkins)
  • Made in France by Garnier-Thiebaut