Halcyon Days, Leopard Portrait Hinged Enamel Black Box

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This striking black enameled box is part of Halcyon Days' Magnificent Wildlife Collection. “A leopard cannot change its spots” is inscribed on the inside lid.  This is a larger sized rectangular box.  From their Prestige Collection.

Especially beautiful for the cat or feline lover.  Suitable for both men and women.


  • Each hinged box measures 3 ¼"l x 2 ½"w x 1"h. 
  • Each enamel box arrives beautifully packaged in a Halcyon Days midnight blue gift box.
  • While a lovely keepsake, each box is suitable for rings or earnings etc.
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About Halcyon Days
Individually handcrafted by the Halcyon Days’ artisans, these exquisite enamel boxes are renowned around the world for their beauty and artistry. Gifts that will be treasured and adored for generations they are simply objets d’art.