L’Épicerie de Provence - Quai Sud, French Organic Mint Syrup

L’Épicerie de Provence - Quai Sud, French Organic Mint Syrup

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L’Épicerie de Provence / Quai Sud, French Mint Syrup
This Organic Mint Syrup brings a chilly, minty coolness with a refreshing peppermint aroma, and long-lasting mint mouthfeel to smoothies, sodas, cocktails, and teas.

Épicerie de Provence's delicious food specialties are made in its artisan factory located in the Provençal village of Signes.


  • Each bottle holds 8.4 fl oz.  
  • Imported from France.

L’Épicerie de Provence - Quai Sud
Established in 1996, Quai Sud is a French SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) located in southern France, in Var --an area that specializes in producing extremely delicious gourmet products of the highest quality ranging from your favorite coffee and teas to exclusive flavored cocoa and exotic cocktail mixes that will leave you captivated from the very first sip. Quai Sud’s top-notch assortment is a product of both rich culinary traditions of the world and the spirit of the times that promise you an unforgettable and overwhelming real taste journey!