La Savonnerie Royale, XIV Luxury Candle, 7 oz

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La Savonnerie Royale, XIV Luxury Candle, 7.05 oz

Scent - Orange Blossom and Jasmine

XIV, a flowering and intoxicating fragrance scented with orange blossom and hints of jasmine,  inspired by LOUIS XIV, the Sun-King himself. Intoxicating.  To create these exquisite, scented candles, La Savonnerie royale has partnered with a company whose creations have been sought after by royal families throughout history for their exceptional quality.

The 100% vegan vegetable wax in each of their candles is composed of soy oil and coconut and mango butters. Their scented candle wax reflects traditional expertise and combines luxury with quality and tradition.

To complete the set, this XIV fragrance is also available in a 100g bar soap, and an extra-soft natural liquid soap, enriched of olive oil and coconut oil. 


  • Each 7 oz candle arrives gift boxed.
  • Candles are composed of soy oil and coconut and mango butters
About La Savonnerie Royale

Located outside of Paris in Versailles France, La Savonnerie Royale is a French soap maker that seeks excellence in the quality of its products and their packaging. They make their bar and liquid soaps in Haute-Provence, in the respected tradition of Marseille soaps. All their natural soaps are without coloring, paraben or sulfates. Each bar is formed by pouring the pure vegetable-base into soap molds featuring an engraved fleur-de-lys on each soap.