La Savonnerie Royale, Pétales d'Églantine Luxury Liquid Hand Soap

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La Savonnerie Royale, Pétales d'Églantine Luxury Liquid Hand Soap, 250 ml

Scent - Rose with woody notes
This 250 ml extra-soft liquid hand soaps are made in Haute-Provence in the tradition of Marseille soaps. As an homage to Queen Marie-Antoinette and her favorite rose fragrances, this fragrance, formulated by La Savonnerie Royale's Grasse perfumer, is that of a subtle rose, with woody notes and a hint of musk.

These Grasse fragrance soaps are also available in 100g bar soaps, enriched with shea butter.  Companion luxury candles made by a  historic supplier of candles for the royal families for generations are also available completing the set.


  • Each pump bottle holds 250 ml (8.5 oz)
  • All artisan-crafted liquid soaps are vegetable based, using only the finest olive and coconut oils
  • These soaps are natural soaps are without coloring, without paraben and without sulfate.
  • All soaps and their packaging are 100% made in France.

About La Savonnerie Royale

Located outside of Paris in Versailles France, La Savonnerie Royale is a French soap maker that seeks excellence in the quality of its products and their packaging. They make their bar and liquid soaps in Haute-Provence, in the respected tradition of Marseille soaps. All their natural soaps are without coloring, paraben or sulfates. Each bar is formed by pouring the pure vegetable-base into soap molds featuring an engraved fleur-de-lys on each soap.