Le Cluny, Olives & Mimosas Green French Provence Coated Table Runner

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rom the Le Cluny French Country Collection, each Provencal table runner in this collection will bring a slice of Provence France to your tabletop at a most reasonable price.  Perfect for use year-round. 

Quintessentially French Country, Olives & Mimosas Green features the classic provencal pattern of colorful olives leaves interspersed with mimosa blooms on a green background.

This runner is reversible, and is coated in a light acrylic making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Coated Cotton Provencal Table Runner

  • 100% cotton coated with a light acrylic making it stain and spill  resistant.  Cleanup is as easy as wiping it with a sponge!
  • Machine washable in cold/warm water (never hot) only when absolutely necessary.
  • Matching tablecloths, napkins, placemats (coated and non-coated), seat pads (coated and non-coated), pillows, and bread baskets--all available.
  • Pattern is available in both coated and non-coated fabric