Le Cluny, Lavender Red French Provence Coated Cotton Tablecloths

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Le Cluny, Lavender Red Coated Cotton Tablecloths & Runner
Quintessentially French Country, Lavender Red features the classic Provençal array of lavender bouquets on a vibrant red background. The round pattern is largely red checked with small lavender buds throughout, and  bordered with lavender bouquets.

Matching bread basket (in non-coated cotton) available.

Coated Cotton Provencal Tablecloths

  • Tablecloth is 100% cotton, coated in a light acrylic making stain and spill  resistant. Cleanup is as easy as wiping it with a sponge.
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Machine wash NOT not recommended; use damp cloth, wipe dry.  Use mild dish detergent for stains
  • Matching napkins (2 sizes), placemats (coated and non-coated), seat pads (coated and non-coated) available special order. 
  • Matching bread baskets generally in stock.
  • Pattern is available in both coated and non-coated fabric
  • Custom sizes readily available.

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