Les Confitures à la Ancienne, French Rose Petal Confit Preserves

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Les Confitures à l'Ancienne, French Rose Petal Confit Preserves
There is nothing that heals the soul quite like a fresh morning cup of coffee, time spent with friends and French Rose Petal Jam.

Let us start by saying, this is no ordinary jam!  Who doesn't love a jam that tastes like roses? We are so excited to introduce Les Confiture à l’Ancienne Rose Petal Jam. Direct from France, this French confit (jam) is light, delicious, and made with natural rose oil and rose petals. The rose in this jam is so strong that you can smell it and taste it.

Spread the rose petal confit on toasted bread or English muffin for a delicious breakfast or afternoon snack. Swirl it into yogurt for breakfast or top it over oatmeal. Spoon it over crêpes, or pancakes…or serve it with fresh warm scones, or over a slice of lemon cake. You’ll find a million uses for Rose Petal Jam, and trust me, you’ll want to try it on everything.

If you know someone who could use a little extra love, Les Confitures à l'Ancienne, French Rose Petal jam will make the perfect gift. Truly.


  • Each jar is 9.5 oz.

Spread this floral jam on toast, pastries, cooking, or use it as a topping for ice cream.

Les Confitures à l'Ancienne jams also make an excellent addition to any food gift basket or kitchen table. 

About Les Confitures à l'Ancienne 
Les Confitures à l'Ancienne "...cuisson en chaudron de cuivre"...(cooked in a copper cauldron) ...has stayed true to this old fashioned approach in preparing their delicious jams – resulting in a product that has a smoothness of texture and purity of taste that is unrivaled.  

100% natural with no artificial coloring agents, flavorings, or preservatives, you can rest assured that every spoonful contains only the wholesome goodness of nature. A delicate use of sugar lends to a beautiful, full flavored taste that is not too sweet.