Marye-Kelley, Classic Veuve Brut Champagne Glass Cutting Board, 12" Round, Rose

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Marye-Kelley, Classic Brut Champagne 12" Round Glass Cutting Board, Rose
Charm your friends with this famous champagne glass cutting board.

Five times stronger than regular glass, this tempered glass cutting board will look new for years in your kitchen without cracks, chips, scratches or cut marks.

Board can be used as a counter saver for hot casseroles or off-the-stove pots and pans. Because the glass is cut-proof, no bacteria or odors can become trapped as they can in wood and plastic boards.

The artwork is printed on the backside of the board so the design cannot be marred by any cutting or heat. The bottom of the board has rubber feet which keep it slipping away while you work. Dishwasher safe and heat resistant to 500 degrees.


  • Dishwasher and Food Safe Tempered Glass
  • Bottom of the board has rubber feet to prevent movement when in use
  • 12" Round
  • Made in the USA

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