Rijksmuseum, Set of 6 Delft Blue Tiles of 17th Century Dutch Ships Coasters

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Rijksmuseum, "Delft Blue Tiles of 17th Century Ships" Coasters, Set of 6 
Set of 6 square coasters each with a different Delft tile image in the Rijksmuseum of a 17th century Dutch ship.  Easy to clean, cork coasters, heat resistant laminate surface, presented in transparent packaging.

From the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the national museum of the Netherlands dedicated to Dutch arts and history and is located in Amsterdam.


  • Set of 6 coasters each with a different Delft blue tile image
  • High-density coated fiber with cork backing
  • 4'' x 4" square each
  • From the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Holland.

About Delft Tiles
Royal Delft tiles are decorated in a variety of motifs. Windmill landscapes, ships, flower baskets, and assorted floral patterns all showcase the wonderful artistry. Delft blue plates are  a type of tin-glazed earthenware pottery made in Delft, Netherlands.  They are part of the blue and white pottery family, which is inspired by 14th-century Chinese porcelain. Delft blue plates are made from composite clays that are painted and glazed. The paint is made from cobalt oxide, which turns black during the baking process and then blue after firing. The amount of water used in the paint determines the shade of blue, with more water producing a lighter blue and less water producing a darker blue.