Nelson Line, The New Yorker 'Cats' Notecard Wallet

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Nelson Line, "The New Yorker 'Cats' " Notecard Wallet
This stylish New Yorker Notecard Wallet boasts a specially-curated collection of "cat-themed" cards. Featuring the iconic New Yorker's signature wit and their joyful cartoon illustrations published in The magazine, these witty notecard wallets are suited for any communication and are an ideal present for any cat enthusiast.

 The Cats Notecard Wallet contains 2 each of 5 iconic New Yorker cartoon cards with a feline theme.


  • Each wallet contains 12 notecards and envelopes with 2 each of 5 iconic cartoons with a feline theme
  • Each notecard measures 4.5" x 6.5" and comes with a matching envelope
  • Insides are left blank for your own message
  • Cards arrive in a lovely decorative wallet

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