Nina's Paris, 'Secrets' Dragées Assortment (Almond Candy) in Embossed Pink Tin

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Nina's Paris, 'Secrets' Dragées* - Assorted Chocolate and Pink Dragées in Tin Box, 100g
Secrets of Marie Antoinette Collection

Discover the flavors of Versailles Marie-Antoinette with Nina's Paris 'Secrets' Dragées Assortment. This embossed pink tin contains a delightful mix of golden chocolates and rose-scented pink "dragées"*, featuring apple essence from the King's Potager. And if you love Nina's official apple tea, you'll be delighted to know that these apple tea flavored candies taste just like it.

Made 100% in France.

*A Dragee is a a sweet made of a nut, seed, etc. with a hard sugar shell.


  • Each signature, reusable metal pink tin holds 3.52 oz (100 g) of candies
  • Almond dragées should be stored at room temperature.
  • Perfect, elegant gift.  
  • Imported from France.

About Nina's Paris
Imported from France, the original Thé de Marie-Antoinette. Recipe dates back to 1672.  Served in Paris's finest tea houses.