Pillivuyt Classic White Pleated Extra Large Soufflé Dish, 8" Wide, 9 Cup

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Pillivuyt Classic White Pleated XL 8" Soufflé Dish, 9 Cup, 4" Deep
This gorgeous piece of cookware is made from premium French Pillivuyt porcelain: high quality porcelain that's in a league of its own when it comes to function, durability, and design — a wonderful way to enjoy the luxurious charms of porcelain for many years to come. Perfect for both everyday use and more festive occasions.

This elegant soufflé dish from Pillivuyt has a graceful shape and gently grooved surface that renders it a truly special detail on the dining table.


  • 8" in diameter, 4" deep
  • 9 cup capacity
  • Oven - Freezer- Microwave - Oven - Broiler Safe

Uniformly thin walls for even heat distribution – results in perfectly baked soufflés and beautifully browned crusts.

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