Pillivuyt Sauceboat with Fat & Lean Separator

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Pillivuyt Sauceboat with Fat & Lean Separator
This clever dish allows you to pour the lean off the bottom and the fat off the top of broths and gravies.

Sauceboat measures 8" long  x 3.75" wide and holds 10 oz.

A traditional dish made by Pillivuyt for years, this Fat and Lean Separator will become a staple in your kitchen. 

About the Collection. 
The Classic Collection is comprised of a group of charming and classic French pieces that complete any tableware or serveware collection.  Their elegant smooth pure white appearance allows them to complement ALL Pillivuyt collections.

As with all Pillivuyt France items, each piece is freezer, dishwasher, microwave, broiler and oven safe.

Made in France.

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