Rancé 1795, Geranium Coffret, 4 Savons, Luxury Boxed Set of 4 French Perfumed Soaps

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Rancé 1795, Geranium Coffret, 4 Savons, Luxury Boxed Set of 4 French Perfumed Soaps, 100 g each (3.5 oz each)
The fragrance of these soaps comes from Rose Geranium Oil.  Geranium oil has been used for centuries to treat health conditions boasting antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.  Each soothing creamy soap is carefully crafted with an embossed flower imagery.  Lovely fragrance.
Rancé soaps are appropriate for even the most delicate and sensitive skin types.  Suitable for both men and women.

Each soap is pale pink in color.

Fragrance Note: Light floral scent of the geranium oil


  • Gift set holds four, 100g (3.5 oz) luxury perfumed soaps in a hand-made gift box
  • Each soap is handmade and triple-milled
  • These fine soaps are a part of a lengthy six day process in preparation, but are so pure they require no preservatives
  • Each bar of soap is embossed with flowers and Fleur Savon
  • Fragrance made in Grasse France; soap milled in Italy

About Rancé
Rancé soaps are considered the absolute TOP throughout the world for the exceptional quality and the fine intense perfumes. They define luxury, beautiful in their handmade individuality.  Established in Grasse, France over two hundred years ago, today Rancé is known for producing some of the finest soaps, perfumes, shower gels and creams in the world, perfect for gift-giving, home use, or an aesthetically pleasing display.