Rigaud Paris, Jasmin de Printemps Luxury Candle

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Rigaud Paris, Jasmin de Printemps
Rigaud is an iconic brand that stands apart from all others,
embracing its French heritage and becoming the world's first scented candle company.

Like the arrival of spring, feel rejuvenated by the natural elegance of the transparent and luminous fragrance Jasmin de Printemps. Jasmine petal is complemented with spicy notes of bergamot and Ylang-Ylang, offset by hints of the warmth of the orange
blossom. An exceptional sensual delight suitable for any occasion.

Top notes: Ylang Ylang Flower and Bergamot
Heart notes : Jasmin
Base notes : Orange Blossom

Candle Burn Times & Size

  • Prestige - 750g - 150 hours burn time (Special Order Only), 3 wicks
  • Large  - 230g - 90 hours burn time, 1 wick
  • Small - 60g - 28 hours burn time, 1 wick

Please note - Rigaud's "Prestige" size is available only by special order.  Please allow 12-14 days for delivery from France.  These are non-returnable.

About Rigaud Paris Candles
For over 168 years, Rigaud has been renowned for its French-made scented candles.  Every candle is crafted with a unique fragrance and proprietary soft wax blend, providing an intensity and longevity that has yet to be surpassed.  The exquisite scent of Rigaud candles fills a room and lingers long after the wick is extinguished, making for a truly special experience.