Samuel Lamont, Red Tweed Puppy Weighted Door Stop

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Red Tweed Puppy Dog Weighted Door Stop.  Imported from Ireland, this weighted door stop is "disguised" as an adorable puppy.  Slightly smaller than the tweed dog door stop, it too is a delightful and whimsical addition to any home, child's bedroom, guest bath, playroom.

Weight is woven into the puppy's base.  Heavy enough to keep most, if not all, doors from swinging shut, and /or marring a door's surface from contact.

Made from soft, Irish wool tweed, in plaids of of beige, brown, and red, this handsome door stop is extremely well made.

Weighs approximately 2.5 pounds. Note: Design may vary slightly from image due to the cut of the fabric used.

  • Weighs approximately 2.5 pounds
  • 100% Irish tweed, small leather collar
  • Made in Ireland by Celtic Weavers, a division of Samuel Lamont