Souleo, Medium Rectangular Serving Platter, 14" X 8"

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Souleo, Rectangular Serving Platter, 14" Long x 8" Wide

This tray is the perfect size for setting out hors d'oeurves or sandwiches at a small gathering.

Souleo Provence Pottery is the quintessential handmade artisan ceramic tableware evoking the lifestyle of the South of France, in Provence.  

As all dishes and pottery pieces are handmade and hand-painted, No two items will be exactly alike.  Imperfections and color variations will occur.  Crackling may be found in the glaze of some pieces...this is due to the firing process and is part of the attractiveness of the pottery.

  • 14" long x 8" wide
  • "Divers" pattern - This is the original Souleo design of a  yellow and green background with decorative flowers of Provence in red and blue.  
  • Made in Aix-en-Provence, France

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