Tea Forté, Loose Leaf Tea Canister - Organic English Breakfast Tea

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Tea Forté, Loose Leaf Tea Canister - Organic English Breakfast Tea
AWARD WINNER: at the North American Tea Championships - This blend is complex with malted undertones for a satisfying start to the day. It combines the best traditions of builder's tea with more aristocratic fine teas. Strong and highly caffeinated, this fine tea will start your morning properly, and keep you going throughout the day.

Ideal for the tea lover.


  • The weight of the tea ranges from 30-130 grams depending on the volume of the blend
  • Each canister contains 35-50 servings
  • All teas USDA Organic certified
  • All canisters are 100% recyclable

About English Breakfast Tea
The flavor of English Breakfast Tea is stronger and more robust than that of green tea, and many who drink it say its rich flavor brings about a sense of alertness in the morning. Depending on its maker, the taste may be slightly sweet, bitter, or malty. An excellent English breakfast tea is hearty enough to stand up to milk and sugar, the most traditional accompaniments to this blend.

This aroma of this black tea blend calls to mind the scent of freshly cut plants or vegetables, and the more fermented the leaves are, the stronger the aroma will be. Its preparation carries an added benefit: when a pot of English breakfast tea is made, its pleasant aroma often lingers in the air for an hour or two. 

Why choose loose leaf tea?
Loose leaf tea is precisely what it sounds like: tea that comes to the kitchen loose, without the confinement of a single-serving bag or infuser. Much like a bulk spice, grain, or salt you might bring home from your local market, loose leaf teas are meant to be measured by hand during the preparation process, which typically takes place with a pot and strainer, a metal or silicone infuser, or a tea press (i.e., a French press used for tea).