Tea Forté, Loose Leaf Tea Canister - Organic Herbal Harvest Apple Spice Tea

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Tea Forté, Loose Leaf Tea Canister - Organic Herbal Harvest Apple Spice Tea
Orchard-ripe fruit and berries infused with warm baking spices. This tea has tastes of juicy apple spice, orchestrated with notes of berry richness and a hint of oak.  It's aroma is that of sweet apple cider with mulled-spice fragrance and a faint berry undertow.

Tea Forté's Harvest Apple Spice Herb Tea is a bountiful blend of naturally caffeine-free superlative grade South African Rooibos, apple pieces, berries and spices that warm and delight. 

Especially warming during the fall and holiday seasons.   A perfect holiday gift.


  • The weight of the tea ranges from 30-130 grams depending on the volume of the blend
  • Each canister contains 35-50 servings
  • All teas USDA Organic certified
  • All canisters are 100% recyclable

About this Herbal Harvest Apple Spice & Rooibos Teas
Rooibos (pronounced ROY-boss) is an Afrikaans word that means red bush. Local indigenous people have long enjoyed it as a fruity, mild-flavored beverage In recent years, rooibos has experienced rapid popularity. Export to the west with the discovery that rooibos has a high antioxidant polyphenol and flavonoid content which can help build the immune system and protect the body from free-radicals that weaken natural defenses.

Why choose loose leaf tea?
Loose leaf tea is precisely what it sounds like: tea that comes to the kitchen loose, without the confinement of a single-serving bag or infuser. Much like a bulk spice, grain, or salt you might bring home from your local market, loose leaf teas are meant to be measured by hand during the preparation process, which typically takes place with a pot and strainer, a metal or silicone infuser, or a tea press (i.e., a French press used for tea).