Light Up Your Life with Luxury Candles from Rigaud Paris, Rosy Rings, & Apis Cera

Luxury Candles

When we think of our favorite luxury candles, three brands immediately come to mind—each distinct and different from each other, but ALL of superior, haute gamme quality.  For pure beeswax taper and pillar candles – we always go to Apis Cera.  Made in France in a small atelier in Provence, they have a subtle honey scent, gorgeous color, burn time, soot free burn, and natural honeycomb texture beauty.  When looking for stunning, beautiful, hand-poured botanicals that not only look terrific, but emit a lovely fragrance, we always recommend Rosy Rings.  Made in the USA, these candles never disappoint.  Lastly, when looking for one of the world’s best candles, we recommend Rigaud Paris candles, especially their Cyprés fragrance.

Rigaud Paris
Known throughout the world as a high-end premier candle, and for good reason, Parfums Rigaud entered the candle-making business in France more than a half a century ago. Using their expertise in selecting and preparing exotic fragrances, combined with their patented, soft wax of the highest quality, this renowned French brand has created several extraordinary, scented candles that introduce a luxury fragrance along with a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

What distinguishes Rigaud from other candle brands?  Simple! First, they have a distinctive soft wax formula that diffuses the fragrance without forming a center “crater” (common in hard-wax candles).  Next, they have a pure, rich fragrance that diffuses perfectly into the air due the high percentage of perfume in each candle. They are recognized for having a very even burn across their top due to their soft wax that liquefies rapidly.  Lastly, they are famous for both their production and packing of their candles. Each candle is still hand-poured, tested, and then carefully packed in glass and manually boxed consistent with French luxury perfume house practices.

Far and away, the Rigaud Cyprès (Cypress) scent is the most popular. Cyprès (pronounced “see-prey”) brings a fresh scent of Mediterranean forests into your home with woody and crisp pine needles will be a breath of fresh air for any room of the house. While popular throughout the year, it remains enormously popular during the holiday season.

Rigaud Paris, Cyprès CandlesRigaud Paris, Cyprès Candles

Rosy Rings Luxury Botanical Candles – Bringing Nature Indoors

Rosy Rings Luxury Botanical Candles

Rosy Rings Botanical Candles, Small & Medium Sizes

Rosy Rings is a small-batch artisanal brand, whose candles bring nature inside with designs inspired by beautiful botanical elements.  Their products combine carefully sourced materials, from fine fragrances to hand-blown glass, with real botanicals to create an experience to elevate any space.  Each design is individual and unique; true to their botanical origins, no two products are – or should be – identical.

We think you’ll agree when you see a Rosy Ring candle that it is a work of art from the wax core to the shells, botanicals, and mixed wildflowers in each candle.  Each candle is made by hand, often requiring two entire days of working, then carefully wrapped to showcase an attractive blend that smells heavenly.

Rosy Rings has a wide range of fragrances from floral to fruit to assorted fauna.  One of our favorites of the season are Apple Spice botanical candles.  We love it from the first hint of fall, throughout the whole winter.  It's a wonderful, cozy fragrance - cinnamon apple, woodsy balsam, cardamom, and nutmeg.   This candle is filled with real fruit, berries and leaves, and has a magical glow when it begins to burn down and becomes lit from within.  It makes the room look and smell so very cozy, just like a home should at this time of year.  A most welcome gift.

Rosy Rings, Spicy Apple Botanical Candles

Rosy Rings, Spicy Apple Botanical Candles

Another favorite is Rosy Rings, Wild Plum and Cannabis Blossom Botanical Candles, one of the favorites for spring-smelling candles. The botanicals present in this luxury candle are ivy leaves, rose petals, birch twigs, and larkspur. Packed with beautiful fragrance notes such as Turkish rose, fig leaf, wild plum, violet, oud, saffron, and raspberry nectar, this is a dream for a spring-time lover.

Rosy Rings, Wild Plum and Cannabis Blossom Botanical Candles

Rosy Rings, Wild Plum and Cannabis Blossom Botanical Candles

Apis Cera, 100% Beeswax Candles
Apis Cera, 100% Beeswax Candles
Apis Cera, is an all-natural beeswax candle company, located in Provence, France.  Here, in their atelier, their beeswax candles with their honeycomb texture are handmade using 100% pure embossed organic beeswax from Provence.  Apis Cera has never failed to rank amongst the best when evaluated for cleanness, ambiance (brightness), and burn time.  And we would be remiss if we did not mention they’re beautiful packaging making them gorgeous for gifting.  Apis Cera makes presently makes two types of candles, both with the traditional honeycomb texture – Lucienne, a beeswax taper stick candle and Ambroise, a beeswax pillar candle.  During the holiday season, Lucienne is also available in gorgeous reds and greens making your holiday table look spectacular.  All are beautifully packaged and ready for storage or gifting.
Apis Cera, Lucienne Taper Beeswax Candlesticks

Apis Cera, Lucienne Taper Beeswax Candlesticks

It’s important to remember when you’re buying beeswax candles to make sure they say ‘100% pure beeswax’ as sometimes candles will be marketed as beeswax but in fact only contain around 5%, the rest made up of paraffin.  Apis Cera are 100% pure beeswax, plain and simple.

Why choose beeswax for pillar and taperstick candles?  We can sum it up in few simple reasons:

  • Beeswax Candles are 100% Natural
  • Beeswax Candles are Pure & Good for the Environment
  • Beeswax Candles Burn Virtually Soot Free
  • Beeswax Candles have a Beautiful Ambiance & Candle Glow
  • Beeswax Candles have a Beautiful, Natural Soothing Fragrance
  • Beeswax Candles have a Long Burn Time & are Virtually Drip Free
Yes - Candle Quality Matters!

Far and away, we highly recommend when purchasing your next candle, you opt for a quality candle from a quality manufacturer.  Not only will the appearance and burn time be longer, but the fragrance they emit –the whole reason for the scented candle—will be clean and pure.  The scents that you find in a drug store candle tend to be plain – scents such as orange or lavender are the order of the day. In contrast, quality candle makers pay the same attention to candle scents as perfume masters pay to scent. In fact, many brands of luxury candle, including Rigaud, use natural perfume-quality scents. Adding these quality candles to your home is like introducing a fine perfume to your home – these candles always true to nature.  Additionally, quality manufacturers take great care in creating unique, innovative scents that will truly delight you.  While you may pay less for discount candles, in the end luxury candles offer more value in burn time, and fragrance.

And if using a taperstick candlestick, beeswax is by far your best choice for the reasons discussed above when you don’t want a “scent” to mix with the dinner aromas.  The glow they will give off, the lack of soot, the even burn—make selecting a beeswax taper candlestick the ideal choice.

When you’re ready to buy, click on over to Au Bon Goût Boutique where all these beautiful candles are in stock.  Feel free to ask us any questions about any of these products.  We are more than happy to help.

Rosy Rings, Apricot Rose botanicals luxury candle is also a part of the spring collection and a dream for anyone who loves the smell of roses. The fragrance is long-lasting, intense, packed with a dewy bunch of pastel roses and almond blossom sweetened by Mirabelle plum and juicy apricot to give your home the perfect spring scent.

Rosy Rings, Apricot Rose Botanical Luxury CandlesRosy Rings, Apricot Rose Botanical Luxury Candles

The botanicals present in this candle are rose petals and stems, forget-me-not flowers, marguerite daisies, and birch twigs. These have the candle smelling and looking like a bouquet. It ushers in a renewed sense of energy and makes the ambiance more positive and energetic.
The fragrance notes found in this luxury candle are the divine rose, apricot, Mirabelle plum, almond blossom, blond woods, and pomelo leaf. This luxury candle will unleash the springtime magic on you, prepping you for new beginnings.

Final Verdict
Yes, luxury candles are more on the pricier side, but it is justified when you look at the quality you’re getting. Once you decide to treat yourself with a luxury candle, you will no longer return to the local candles. These candles are created keeping natural ingredients in mind that last long and provide you with a divine aroma throughout the house.