MMA, "Cats" Coasters

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Metropolitan Museum of Art, "Cats" Coasters
 A perfect gift for cat lovers, these art-inspired coasters celebrate a diverse and entertaining variety of felines from The Met collection, taken from sources ranging from a Japanese print to an American lithograph.  Set your hot or cold beverages on our cork-backed coasters while enjoying four fabulous cats.

Set of 4 different pictures:  In Winter: Cat on a Cushion, a lazy cat stretches out luxuriously on a soft pink pillow. The Favorite Cat captures the personality of a handsome tabby. The curious Cat Watching a Spider wears a colorful patterned neckerchief. The long-haired Little Grey Cat sits patiently, ignoring the cream set out below while gazing at birds above.


  • Set of 4 coasters each with a different picture
  • High-density coated fiber with cork backing
  • 4'' square each